Standard Ceremony Package



$100 for May – September

$100 for Saturday afternoons

$100 for Rehearsal

$100 for dinner and give blessing

*You may subtract

$100 for Mondays – Thursdays

Elopement/Private Short Ceremony

$250 Monday – Thursday, possibly Fri-Sun if open and short notice

Extra Services in General

$75/hr. billed in 30-minute increments

What This Does and Does Not Include

Before the Day

Our B.E.E.  Officiant will happily meet with you in person, virtually, or by phone, to walk through how you wish your ceremony to be delivered.  We will ensure that all your concerns are met! Your B.E.E. Planner will meet with you personally to coordinate all aspects of your day.

Our standard fee includes up to one hour of planning and prior consultation. Additional time can be added as you may wish.

On Your Special Day

Our Ceremony fee includes our arrival at the venue approximately 20 minutes prior to the scheduled time.  It also of course includes us staying for completing the paperwork immediately after the public ceremony, plus any reasonable amount of additional time (up to an additional 30 minutes) if you wish to include us in any photographs.

We do not expect or require a “free meal” and will leave prior to the reception unless you ask us to stay for the meal (and/or to provide a blessing and prayer prior to its commencement).

After Your Special Day

Buyckstyles will file the official paperwork with the State at no extra cost.

Ask our B.E.E. Specialist how to work within your budget!